Ao Māori: Taiao - Environment

A guide to resources relating to the world of Māori including Treaty of Waitangi

Taiao - Environment

This page presents a range of resources on Maori and the environment or taiao. It includes resources on Rongoā Māori, a system of healing.


Books and ebooks


Ngāi Tahu (2015, September 3). Rongoā - Manawatu in Kaikōura makes traditional medicines.[10 mins.] 

Museum of New Zealand: Te papa (2015, June 24) Healing with tutu: rongoā Māori [5 mins.].

Waka Huia. (2014, November 9). David Kukutai Jones: Preserving traditional medicinal Māori practices. [29 mins.]

Waka Huia. (2019, August 25). Rob McGowan [on traditional Māori medicine]. [29 mins.].