Ao Māori: Taiao - Environment

A guide to resources relating to the world of Māori including Treaty of Waitangi

Taiao - Environment

This page presents a range of resources on Maori and the environment or taiao. It includes resources on Rongoā Māori which is an important aspect of health care to many Māori. Native plant based remedies are an integral part of treatment along with physical therapies and spiritual healing.

Books and ebooks


Ngāi Tahu (2015, September 3). Rongoā - Manawatu in Kaikōura makes traditional medicines.[10 mins.] 

Museum of New Zealand: Te papa (2015, June 24) Healing with tutu: rongoā Māori [5 mins.].

Waka Huia. (2014, November 9). David Kukutai Jones: Preserving traditional medicinal Māori practices. [29 mins.]

Waka Huia. (2019, August 25). Rob McGowan [on traditional Māori medicine]. [29 mins.].