Ao Māori: Te wiki o te reo Māori

A guide to resources relating to the world of Māori including Treaty of Waitangi

Mahuru Māori - Beginning 7 Mahuru 2021 (September)

Te wiki o te reo Maori 2021

7 Mahuru 2021


Ara is celebrating the te reo Māori from 7 September to 6 October. This reflects the true time of Mahuru and aligns to Maramataka Māori. 

Looking for a Wero (Challenge)?
There are two things you can do during this time to challenge yourself. Take up the Mahuru Māori challenge to see, hear and speak te reo Māori no matter what level you are at and join us to be one in two million a in a special virtual event taking place at 12pm on Tuesday 14 September. A Māori Language Moment is an invitation to celebrate te reo for a moment.  What will be your moment and who will you share it with?  

This is a great time to learn a little bit more, and to use a little bit more.  

To get started:

  • Check out the MyAra app and browse Mahuru Māori to find some great resources.
  • Register for Mahuru Māori for both the supportive community and learning resources.
  • Register for A Māori Language Moment the event takes place Tuesday 14th September at 12 PM
  • Check out this fun Wero / Challenge with activities for each day of the month.

A Māori Language Moment - 12PM - 14 September 2021


Maori Language Moment image

Register online and participate online. 

Take the Mahuru Māori Wero - Reo Māori challenge (September)

Take the Mahuru Māori wero or Māori challenge in September. There is an activity for every day of the month of Mahuru. Karawhiua! Go for it!

Mahuru Maori wero or challenge

Take the #hono challenge and learn your pepeha

Pepeha is a formal structured way of introducing yourself within the Māori world by locating yourself according to important landmarks and the people you descend from.  Researching your own landmarks and descent profile so that you can develop your own profile. In order to foster whakawhanaungatanga – building connections.


In celebration of our language and our Ara values

       Hono - Connect

       Hihiri - Inspire

       Aroha – Respect


The challenge is to

- Learn your pepeha

Record your pepeha

Share your pepeha


Tuhi - Prepare your pepeha


Use these downloadable resources to get started on your pepeha.

#HonoChallenge pepeha template
#HonoChallenge pepeha cheatsheet

You can also click here for the Pepeha app to help you.

And gain further inspiration from Mariam and Hinemoa in the following videos.


Mariam Arif is a student with Te Wānanga o Aotearoa and teaches us how to do a mihi and pepeha for Non-Māori. She is learning te reo Māori and demonstrates not only a pepeha (2.43 mins) but starts with a greeting and finishes with a whakatauki (proverb)


Hinemoa Elder explains ‘How to structure your pepeha’ in preparation for meetings with key stakeholders. (2.44 mins)


There is even a pepeha app. Find out about it in this 1 minute You Tube video called #PepehaChallenge

Te wiki o te reo resources

Image linked to video on kupu cards for Māori Language Week

Juliette, Ara presenter for The Beat shares ideas to celebrate Te Wiki o te reo Māori.

You can find the Kupu cards that Juliette talks about in My Ara 

Past events at Ara

Te Wiki o te reo Maori

Ara revives Māori sport in Canterbury

11 Sep 2018 : Kī-ō-rahi, the traditional Māori ball sport, is a growing force in Canterbury (Waitaha) with most secondary schools involved, and its regional revival can be attributed to Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Te wiki o te re Maori

Te reo - sweating the small stuff

08 Sep 2017 : Between 11 – 15 September, students can experience Te Reo in unconventional settings, with introductory language sessions happening in the context of a fitness circuit session, a community quiz with University of Canterbury, a movie night, performing arts workshops and a game of touch rugby.