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Ao Māori: Top 150 Books

A guide to resources relating to the world of Māori including Treaty of Waitangi

Te Takarangi: Celebrating 150 Māori publications

Te Takarangi is a curated list that "profiles some of the important Mäori leaders, thinkers and authors of our time. From the first book published about the Mäori language in 1815 to the works of current Mäori scholars, researchers and writers making their mark and claiming a voice in the research environment of Aotearoa New Zealand".(Ruru, Wikaira & Wanhalla, 2018, p.111).  Visit Ngā Pae o Maramatanga website to view all 150 publications of Te Takarangi. You can find most of the books listed in Te Takarangi by searching on keywords “takarangi and 150” in our Library catalogue. 

An article by the curators of this collection, Jacinta Ruru, Jeanette Wikaira and Angela Wanhalla can be read in Mai Journal volume 9, issue 2, pp. 111-120 for some additional background on Te Takarangi. A small selection of the Te Takarangi curation of 150 books is shown below. This selection is sorted into themes as outlined in the article by Ruru et al. including:

  • Te reo rangatira (The Māori language)
  • Kia maumahara (Remembering)
  • Mana wāhine (Powerful women)
  • Kia tu pakiri, kia whakaora (Resistance and revitalisation)
  • Te ao hurihuri (The changing world)
  • Ngā toka tūmoana (The anchors)

Te Reo Rangatira: Māori Language

Te Ao Hurihuri: Changing World

Kia Maumahara : Remembering

Kia Tu Pakiri, Kia Whakaora: Resistance and revitalisation

Mana Wāhine: Powerful Women

Ngā Toka Tūmoana: Anchors