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Broadcasting: Articles / Databases

A guide to resources for Ara courses in Media, Journalism, Radio, Television and Screen

Finding Journal Articles

There are three main ways to find the articles you need:

  • Search Ara Library databases for articles on your subject. (Use this method to find your own articles for an assignment).
  • Look for a particular article from a recommended reading list. (Use this method if you have a reading list with the details of an article, e.g. author, article/journal title). 
  • Use Google Scholar to find articles in Ara databases. (Use this method to find open access scholarly articles as well as articles in some Ara databases). 
    • Using Google Scholar to find articles in Ara databases [PDF] [Video] 

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Start here for definitions of key terms and background information.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is a good place to look if you can be specific about what you need.

Recommended Databases

Try searching some of these databases for articles on your subject.
For topics that are not specifically related to journalism, go to All Databases.


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How do I use eTV?

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