Get set up for study: How do I?

A guide to help you get started at Ara Institute of Canterbury

Don't forget Learning Services

Learning Services have a range of online resources to help you develop study and math skills to ensure you can complete coursework successfully. They also run weekly workshops and Q & A sessions. Call into the Library to pick up a timetable or ook into a workshop. They are here to help so please use them! There is also support for off campus students.



Library Kiosk

The Library Kiosk contains links to a wide range of resources that can help you in your Ara student experience! 


EndNote is a software tool you use to manage bibliographies and references. It enables you to:

  • create your bibliographies in word-processing software such as Microsoft Word.
  • store all of your bibliographic references in your own private, searchable reference library.

How do I access EndNote?