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Fashion: Legislation and Standards - textiles and labelling

A guide to resources to support Ara Fashion courses.

Care and Fibre content labelling

Important Standards for the Textile and Fashion Industry

The following standards outline all you need to know about how to test, care for and label (even where the label needs to be positioned on the garment) textile products and include generic names of natural and man-made fibres.

AS/NZS 2001.1.2:1998

Methods of test for textiles - General - Universal yarn count system (Tex System)

AS/NZS 2001.4.4:1998

Methods of test for textiles - Colourfastness tests - Determination of colourfastness to water spotting

AS/NZS 1957:1998

Textiles - Care labelling

AS/NZS 2392:1999

Textiles - Labelling of clothing, household textiles and furnishings

AS/NZS 2621:1998

Textiles - Guide to the selection of correct care labelling instructions from AS/NZS 1957

AS/NZS 2450:1994

Textiles - Natural and man-made fibres - Generic names

AS/NZS 2622:1996

Textile products - Fibre content labelling