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This guide has been created to help English learners to succeed at Ara.


Check out the books below. Here are some useful Shelf numbers. Ask a librarian to help you find them!

Subject heading Subject Location
English Grammar PE 1128
Workplace English PE 1115
Living in New Zealand  DU 418


Electronic Resources - Christchurch City Libraries (Public Library)

Christchurch City Libraries has a number of electronic resources you can use. 

Instructions to get Digital only membership

Join Christchurch City Libraries and choose "Digital Only Membership" for instant database access. This will give you 3 months access. After that you will need to visit any Christchurch City library. Click here for more information.  

Click here for access to self-study courses and useful resources for learning English from Christchurch City Libraries. 

Clear Pronounciation - Self-study course

Road to IELTS - Self-study course

World bookWorld Book Discover contains tools and content specifically for those who need help in reading and understanding concepts in English

English Videos

LinkedIn Learning

Work through some of these tutorials to develop your employability skills.

Ask Live

AskLive is our instant messaging service. You can chat with the library by entering your question in the box below that says “Type here to chat …”

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Ask Live operates during our opening hours at City campus, Christchurch. We are open 7 days.

Please note:

  • In the evenings and weekends, specialised support may not be available. If so, your question may be referred to an expert for action on the next working day.
  • In My Ara, under “Learning Resources” you may also find what you need by entering keywords in the box on the "Learning Resources" page in My Ara.

Information and Research Skills

For help on how to find, evaluate and present information we recommend the Information skills subject guide This guide will ensure an easier pathway to academic success!  We also have a Research subject guide  for those of you taking your studies to the next level.   

infographic on information literacy

Image source: Open University