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Agriculture and Agribusiness Management: Legislation, Standards and Guides

A guide to resources for Ara courses in agriculture

Animal Codes and Legislation

Health and Safety Legislation

Examples of relevant standards

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NZS 8409:2004 - Management of agrichemicals

Provides practical and specific guidance on the safe, responsible and effective management of agrichemicals, including plant protection products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides), veterinary medicines, fumigants used in rural situations and agricultural use of detergents and sanitizers

NZS 5433.1:2012 - Transport of dangerous goods on land - Part 1: Technical information

Part 1 details technical requirements, including classification criteria and packaging performance standards.

NZS 5433.2:2012 - Transport of dangerous goods on land - Part 2: List of dangerous goods

Part 2 contains information including the United Nations list of dangerous goods and special provisions, incorporates quantity limits for dangerous goods in excepted quantities.

Access New Zealand Standards  - Find your standard by typing its number in the search box or by using keywords.

How do I find a New Zealand Standard? - PDF