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Architecture Studies: Websites

A selection of excellent Architecture resources to help you with your studies.

Be critical... evaluate your resources!

The websites on this page have been carefully selected for you but it is your responsibility to check that anything you use meets your needs for Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose. Follow this link to help you assess if a website passes the CRAAP test.


Level - NZ Authority On Sustainable Building

Up to date NZ focused information on passive design, material use and more such as information on wet areas in NZ homes. 

AJ Building Library

The AJ Buildings Library showcases thousands of exemplar projects, most from the last 20 years but including major projects back to 1900. You can search for projects by age, cost, architect, building type, footprint, location and a combination of these. For instance ‘School built for less than £10m’ or ‘Offices between 1,000m² and 5,000m² from the last ten years’. Each project featured in the library includes full project data and comprehensive architectural photographs and drawings (plans, elevation, section) – all provided at high resolution. There is also a large number of working details. Drawings can be downloaded and printed out to their original scale.

Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest is the ultimate online, shareable, mood-board, social platform for Architects. See something you like? Save your inspirations here!  

Instagram has been consistently growing in importance and relevance for architecture. Use Instagram for inspiration by following your favourite architects or use it as a marketing tool for your own creations. 


Image: Pixabay

Image resources online

Māori and architecture - Hoahoanga

New Zealand organisations