Indigenous Studies: Whakapapa

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Whakapapa - Genealogy

"Whakapapa is the Maori word for genealogy, and can be interpreted literally as ‘the process  of layering one thing upon another’. For many, everything has a whakapapa. Accordingly, there is a genealogy for every word, thought, object, mineral, place and person. Some see whakapapa as ‘the skeletal structure of Maori knowledge’, while others emphasise it as an organising framework for Maori history. The importance of whakapapa in the Maori world is paramount because it is considered crucial to assertions of Māori  identity and tribal membership." (Mahuika, N., 2019, A brief history of whakapapa).

The links on this page are places you can use to help you begin your search for whakapapa information.  

Government Resources


Origins - Scotty Morrison explores the origins of the Māori people, visiting the Wairau Bar site which could be the first community in Aotearoa. Scotty tries to locate his hawaiki, his homeland, in the Pacific, but is hawaiki a real place or just a concept? - TVNZ - 15 September 2020 - 60 minutes [From eTV database]

Waka - Canoes


Whakapapa web resources

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