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EndNote: EndNote Online

A guide to EndNote: the referencing management software

EndNote Online Basic vs. EndNote Desktop


You can think of EndNote Online (also known as EndNote Basic) as a free, stripped-down version of EndNote Desktop that you use from your web browser. 

EndNote Online* is useful if you either  don't want to download the full-featured Endnote software installation at Ara (135MB) or you prefer working only in the cloud. Here are the steps to use Endnote Online for free.

1. Register at to set up your log in credentials for first-time access.

2. Log in to using the email address and password you registered.


Collecting citations from Google Scholar


1. To collect citations from Google Scholar go to the settings cog in Google Scholar and in the Bibliography Manager section select Show links to import citations into and choose Endnote from the dropdown options, and click Save. 

2. In Google Scholar for any citation you want, click the Import to Endnote button.  This will automatically download your citation to a folder on your computer e.g Downloads

3. In Endnote Online go to the Collect tab and Import references 

4. Click Choose file and select the file you downloaded. It could be called scholar.enw. Click Open.

5. Choose Endnote Import from the Import option menu.

6. Click My references tab to view your imported references.


Configure "Cite while you write" (CWYW)


Open Word and look for the Endnote tab in the ribbon. If it is not there do the following:

1. In Endnote Online go to the Downloads tab to get the CWYW plug-in for Microsoft Word, for Mac or PC version. There are good instructions on how to instal this. [Video - CWYW Plug-in for Mac] [CWYW Plug-in for  Windows]

2.  In Word click the Endnote tab and choose Preferences

3.  Click on the Applications tab and choose Endnote Online. 

4.  Enter your Endnote Online email address and password and click OK

5.  You are now ready to add references to your Word document. 

This 20 minute video from University of Edinburgh gives more information to set up Endnote Online.


EndNote Online versus Endnote X9 Desktop 


Some key differences between Online Basic and Desktop include:

Feature EndNote Desktop (From Ara - 135 MB file size stored on your hard drive) EndNote Online Basic (Free and in the cloud)
Reference storage Unlimited 50k
Attachment storage Unlimited 2 GB
Online database searching 6,000+ 5
Send references directly from online databases 500+ 9
Create Smart Groups Yes No
Reference output styles 6,000+ 21
Requires an internet connection? No Yes

*Please note, there is another version of EndNote Online called Online Premium. It sits between EndNote Basic and EndNote Desktop in terms of features available. This version of EndNote Online requires a subscription to Web of Science. As Ara Library does not subscribe to Web of Science, EndNote Online Premium is unavailable to Ara students and staff.