Indigenous Studies: Mātauranga Māori

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Mātauranga Māori

Find on this page, resources about Māori ways of knowing particularly in relation to research. 

"...mātauranga refers to Māori knowledge and all that underpins it, as well as Māori ways of knowing. Mātauranga is in our stories, our environments, our kawa [protocols] and our tikanga [values and practices]. (Broughton et al. 2015, p.37)

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Māori and research or rangahau
Examples of mātauranga Māori principles applied

Ngā atatata - Video

Tame Iti talks about the meaning of mana

Dr Tess Moeke-Maxwell from University of Auckland on kaupapa Māori research. [3 mins]

"Kaupapa Māori research is research about Māori, with Māori and for Māori" - Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Dr Mason Durie recounts a story of  his experience as a young doctor and a traditional Māori way of knowing.

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Pūrongo - Articles

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